Your Idea

It starts with you.

We don't want your idea.
We want to make it your idea happen.

No project can begin without an idea. It may be an idea that appeals the masses or it may be an idea tailored to a niche market. What ever the idea, it is your idea and we want to help you make it successful. Irrespective of the size, scale or potential we know we can help you develop your idea further, understand what is required, build a prototype or build a fully functional application.

We want to help you make it successful.

An idea can be an amazing thing. It brings creativity, hope and potential. However, an idea can be just idea. How do you take it to the next level? How do you know what is required? Has someone already done it? Understanding what is required and the challenges you will face in the short, medium and long term is essential to converting your idea into a reality. However, this process of discovery is not something you can just palm off, you need to be involved and transparent (as will we) as this is key to the success of implementing any idea.

You will be involved.
Transparency drives success.

At Websites OnQ we have a great deal of experience in specifying, communicating and developing web based applications. We have worked on projects from the ground up as well as pre-existing applications each with their own unique requirements and challenges. We have covered projects designed specifically to adhere to strict corporate structures as well as projects that deliver a product or service to the masses with sophisticated infrastructures. We at Websites OnQ can draw on the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to best maximum the conversion of your idea into reality.

No techno-bable
So you can make informed decisions.

It is important to understand that there is more to an idea that the resulting product. The strategy to proliferate the idea to your target audience is an integral part to the success of any idea. Even though this is not our specialty, Websites OnQ can help give you a solid start towards creating a strategy and put you in touch with experts within this space.

Websites OnQ will do our utmost best to ensure that your idea remains your idea. Information about your idea will only be communicated to stakeholders that you have given permission. If you want us to sign and NDA we will sign it gladly.

Our Process

You too are part of this loop! You have to be part of the process. It's your idea!

We are not motivated by monthly sales targets.

Our measure of success is the relationship and the quality of the deliverable. This is how we do it.


Tell us all about your idea. We will ask an abundance of questions covering all aspects that your idea touches.

Get excited about it and we will get excited too!


We combine your goals with our knowledge to help maximise the viability of your idea for the short, medium and long term.


Once the requirements have been discussed and the scope is well understood we will formalise the outcome to the level that you require.


This is where we turn your idea into a reality.




Natvia Competitions

A White-label platform for photo competitions complete with voting and fraud mechanisms. You're likely to see many uses of this platform in many high-profile competitions

Boots to Bliss by Claude Tranchant. Follow a 64 year old woman's solo 2500km+ journey along the Camino from Vezelay to Santiago de Compostela

Boots to Bliss

A simple site for the sale of a book written by Claude Tranchant who walked solo for over 2500km from Vezelay to Santiago de Compostela and beyond at the age of 64

Impacting Ideas

Impacting Ideas

In Progress...

A personal project by David Quaglieri that is a unique social network dedicated to agitating the marketplace in the way non-profit and charitable organisations obtain funds and services.

Dropship Genius

Dropship Genius

A Software As A Service (SaaS) application designed to ease the transition for wholesalers and e-commerce retailers to participate in scalable e-commerce trade.

Holistic Dental

Holistic Dental

To replace the current static website with a sophisticated CMS website for the Holistic Dental group in Melbourne.


EzyDVD, wowHD (formally CD WOW!)

A high volume e-commerce operation with clustered infrastructure, integration with many B2B and B2C stakeholders and 3rd party providers. This e-commerce platform become the flagship for the company and was used to build the revamped


The Engine Room

Where Stuff Happens

Websites OnQ operates on the philosophy that you should use experts where and when they are needed. It would be foolish for us, or any other organisation, to state they are experts for every facet within their industry. Therefore, if your idea demonstrates that we don't have the expertise with an aspect of your idea, we will find them, add them to the team and put them to good use.

If our expertise is not enough,
We will find the experts and put them to good use.

In my experience, few can match David's potent combination of technical skills, insight and innovation. He transcends the mechanical aspects of coding and design to provide clever and creative solutions. With total confidence, I can say that David will exceed your expectations.Alan Drummond, Drummond Research

David Quaglieri

My passion is helping people create and develop their ideas. Most people don't understand what is involved when creating a web based idea. With my experience, high level of communication and standards, I take great pride in the success of every aspect I am involved with. Learn a bit more about my development skills

My exposure to a wide range of projects have allowed me to gain invaluable knowledge both technically and commercially and therefore have a great understanding about how to balance the two. This knowledge is essential to getting your idea off the ground running and keeps running.

No matter what the idea, I know I can help you