David Quaglieri

I am passionate about the quality of the product and
working with the people to make it happen

In my experience, few can match David's potent combination of technical skills, insight and innovation. He transcends the mechanical aspects of coding and design to provide clever and creative solutions. With total confidence, I can say that David will exceed your expectations.Alan Drummond, Drummond Research
Director & Principle Developer
Business Analyst & Intelligence, Project Manager, Software Engineer & Architect and Freelance PHP Developer
Professional Skills
Enterprise Application Design & Development, Agile & XP Project Methodologies, Human Computer Interaction, Communication
Technical Skills
PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcached, Solr, Gearman, ETL Tools (Pentaho Kettle, CloverETL), Linux Server Administration

In my 9yrs of industry experience, I have worked with a wide range of businesses including start-ups, digital agencies and SMEs on a wide range of projects including SaaS, Franchise Systems, Large Scale E-commerce, CMS, online games and many more. This experience has provided me a great deal of knowledge in the execution of an idea as well as also the operational and business consequences.

Alongside my business acumen, I have a tertiary background in Human Computer Interaction & Usability so not only do I have great skill in understanding the software development life-cycle but I also understand the most important aspect "How is your target audience going to use your product?".

My Career Highlights

Natvia Competitions

A White-label platform for photo competitions complete with voting and fraud mechanisms. You're likely to see many uses of this platform in many high-profile competitions

Impacting Ideas

In Progress...

A personal project by David Quaglieri that is a unique social network dedicated to agitating the marketplace in the way non-profit and charitable organisations obtain funds and services.

Dropship Genius

Project Manager, Business Analyst, Systems Architect & Principal PHP Developer

PHP, Memcached, PostgreSQL, Solr, Pentaho Kettle, Symfony, JQuery, PropelORM

Websites OnQ

Project Manager, Principal PHP Developer, Designer & Frontend Engineer

PHP, Symfony, Bootstrap, JQuery

Holistic Dental

Project Manager, Systems Architect & Principal PHP Developer

PHP, Memcached, Solr, Symfony, MySQL, Bootstrap, JQuery, PropelORM

EzyDVD, wowHD (formally CD WOW!)

Team Leader, Systems Architect, Senior PHP Developer & Business Analyst

PHP, MySQL, Memcached, Solr, Gearman, CloverETL, Symfony, JQuery, PropelORM

Web Server Cluster, Database Cluster

LAM: Telstra, Deparment of Defence Recruiting, Red Rooster & IGA

Team Leader & Senior PHP Developer


Think Googly!


Project Manager, Systems Architect & Principle Developer

PHP, MySQL, Flash, XML, Web Services


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